For better road safety and a more open landscape

The trademark Slagkraft is owned and manufactured by Cranab AB, located in Vindeln, in the center of northern Sweden's great forests. We build road clearance machines for the people who makes our road safer.By designing all the parts from the power pack to the cutting head, we deliver solutions to suit your construction machinery and the jobs you have to do. We also guarantee high quality in every component. It pays to think wider.

More than 40 years' of experience has made Slagkraft Scandinavias leading supplier of professional road clearance machines. We provide high performance, good running characteristics and simple maintenance.


Slagkraft's grass and bush cutting units mean wider verges, embankments and headlands.

Blaze a trail for safer roads - with Slagkraft!


Cranab AB
922 82 Vindeln
Tel: +46(0)933-135 00

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922 32 Vindeln
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